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Write to a food company

One very effective action you can take is to write to companies that produce or sell food, asking them to ensure that their foods are free of harmful trans fats.

The sample letter below is based on one used by tfX supporter John Ashforth - for which many thanks! Information contained within the [ square brackets ] is to be filled in by the writer.

[ The Chairman / Chief Executive ]
[ Company name ]
[ Company address ]


Dear Sir,

Please be advised that I have joined the nationwide tfX campaign against harmful trans fats in food. These harmful trans fats are found in hydrogenated oils and fats. Hence I will no longer purchase any food product from [ Company name ] which contain hydrogenated oils or fats, unless you are able to guarantee that they do not contain any harmful trans fats and include this information on product packaging.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence to show that the trans fats found in hydrogenated fats and oils are highly damaging to health. Among their documented deleterious effects on human health, they:

  • raise LDL (Low-Density Lipo-proteins, known as "bad" cholesterol) and lower HDL (High-Density Lipo-proteins, known as "good" cholesterol) levels;
  • promote the formation of arterial plaque, leading to circulation problems, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke;
  • predispose to cancer, multiple scelerosis, diverticulisis and obesity;
  • decrease the response of human cells to insulin, a factor in both adult-onset (type 2) diabetes and obesity;
  • when consumed by pregnant women, enter into the tissues of unborn babies and reduce their birth weight;
  • when consumed by breast-feeding mothers, enter into mothers milk, reducing cream levels and the amount of essential fatty acids;
  • assimilate into cell membranes, weakening their structure and protective function.
  • weaken the immune system, increasing susceptibtibility to infections;
  • inhibit the action of enzymes that destroy toxic and carcinogenic chemicals;
  • block the beneficial action of the essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids;
  • reduce the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • promote the onset of Alzheimer's disease and accelerate mental decline among elderly people;
  • may produce severe allergic and other reactions.

Many health professionals on both sides of the Atlantic are warning of the dangers of foods containing trans fats. Denmark has gone so far as to ban all but tiny amounts of harmful trans fats in the nation's food supply as an essential public health measure. More information on this is to be found on the TFX website at

I do not wish to take such risks with my own or my family's health. I therefore, urge you, in the very near future, to either:

  • remove all hydrogenated fats and oils from your food products, or
  • ensure that the hydrogenated oils and fats used as free of harmful trans fats, and to label this fact on the packaging of all your products that contain hydrogenated oils and fats.

Please let me know if your company is prepared to do this. [ In the event that it is not, I will boycott all [ Company name ] food products, and encourage my family, friends and local community to do likewise. ]

Meanwhile, if you could kindly send me a list of [ Company name ] food products which contain hydrogenated fats or oils, plus a list of your food products which don't contain them, I would be obliged.

Yours sincerely

[ Your name ]
[ Your address ]


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