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Fruit Bowl / Stream Foods

Stream Foods Ltd, which sells its fruit snacks under the brand name "Fruit Bowl", went trans free in April 2005. Prior to that the yogurt coatings on its fruit contained hydrogenated oil. We were delighted to receive this letter from their technical manager:

"I know it is some time since we were last in contact, but I thought I would update you with the news on our products and hydrogenated fats.

We have been working to change our supplier of yogurt coating and we now use a company who does not use hydrogenated fats. Instead they use CBEs or cocoa butter equivalents. Our packaging on our yogurt coated Fruit Flakes® products will be changing over the next few weeks.

Thanks for highlighting this issue to us and I hope you will now be able to enjoy our products."

In conversation she added:

"It was difficult at the beginning to get the hydrogenated oil out, and in the end it meant finding a new supplier for the yogurt coating. But now we are trans free and our aim is to remain so. We have done some consumer shows recently and we had quite a few customers asking questions about hydrogenated oil and trans fats, and so we were very pleased to be able to tell them that we are trans free."




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