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Tunnocks is a family-owned Scottish company that makes biscuits and chocolate coated caramel wafers, 'snowballs' and other bars. It has recently announced (September 2006) that all its products will be free of hydrogenated oil by 1 January 2007:

"We are currently in the process of eliminating trans fats from all our products. It is a challenge for us and we are delighted to say that our Teacakes now only contain vegetable fat or oils, which are 'non-hydrogenated', without having compromised on taste and texture. This achievement has not been promoted due to existing stock of old wraps, which will be changed at the next print declaring this. Therefore, we remain committed to running trials with the aim of eliminating all hydrogenated fats from all our biscuit products by the end of this year."

James C. Syme, Quality Manager.




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