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Masterfoods are the owners of a wide range of well-known confectionery brands, including Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way.

The following of its products contain hydrogenated vegetable oil (seen on labels in April 2004):

We are mystified at the presence of hydrogenated vegetable oil in these products as Masterfoods announced that it was removing them from its products on 24 May 2003. A spokesman for Masterfoods UK, makers of Mars bars, then explained why the ingredient had been removed:

Although the science on hydrogenated fats is still controversial, it is undeniable there is a level of public concern on the issue. For that reason we have been working on a programme to reduce our use of hydrogenated fats without sacrificing the taste our customers want. We have recently succeeded in removing hydrogenated fats from Mars and Snicker bar recipes. The labels of the brands have not yet been changed to reflect the new recipe but this will happen when wrappers are next printed ... We have the same policy for all our brands and have identified promising solutions which do not affect their characteristics. We will be introducing the new recipes in the near future, but cannot be precise on dates since tests are not yet complete.


It is now abut a year since the announcement was made - surely that is more than long enough for Masterfoods to use up its old wrappers? And in any case, is it allowed to mislabel its products?



Post: Masterfoods UK, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 0BR.


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